We believe that the work of God in our lives and in our community extends far beyond the four-walls of a building or a corporate gathering. We believe that as image-bearers of a God who exists in community, we were made for relationships and we – as individuals, couples, and families – need each other. And, we believe that we best discover who God is, who we are, and what we were made for in the context of community focused on Jesus.

We are a collection of diverse and broken people being put back together by the grace and love of God. We come from a variety of backgrounds and stories and places and we believe that the breadth of these stories matter. Community, as a collection of imperfect people, is messy and challenging but at its core breaks past the individualism of our culture and says you have a place here: a place where you can be to be real and authentic and to invest and love and do life – with all of its twists and turns and challenges – alongside us. We want to seek, savour, and serve Jesus together.


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