We are pleased to hear about your upcoming marriage. As a community, we would like to support you and help you prepare for your life together. Many couples spend a lot of time, money and energy focused on the wedding but do not budget enough time, money and energy for the preparation of marriage itself.

We believe that authentic community and accountability is vital for success in marriage. If you belong to another church we encourage you to go to your pastor(s) there first since that will be your community of support. If you do not have another church family we encourage you to be an active part of the AVC church community during your engagement and into your marriage. If you believe in the vision and values of AVC (which will help you decide on whether you would like someone from our church to marry you) it would be good to be regularly attending and involved in the AVC community.

If you would like one of the pastoral staff of AVC or one of our ordained lay leaders to perform your marriage ceremony we need a few things from you before we can commit to performing the wedding:

Each couple is required to take pre-marriage counselling. We have numerous couples in our church who act as pre-marriage mentors. Please click here for a list of our marriage mentors. Once you are paired with a mentoring couple, you will explore strength & growth areas in your relationship, learn communication and conflict resolution skills and work through issues relating to finances, families of origin, marital & sexual expectations, and many others. Your mentor couple will also support you and pray for you.

If someone outside of AVC is performing your pre-marriage counselling we will need to hear from them so that we can be assured that you have had the best preparation possible. Please have them contact the pastor who is marrying you upon completion of your pre-marriage course. You should budget $200 for the cost of counselling (including materials).

Once you are enrolled for pre-marriage counselling, the officiating pastor will meet with you to discuss and plan the wedding ceremony. There are many different options and styles to choose from. The Pastor will meet with you to discuss your options and will arrange the ceremony to suit your personal style and taste. You will also plan the rehearsal together. The pastor will lead the rehearsal and will answer any questions the wedding party may have.

Since pastors usually do these events on their days off, it is the policy of the AVC that the officiating pastor be given an honorarium of $300. This covers the pastor’s time for the Planning Meeting, Rehearsal and Wedding Ceremony. This should be paid directly to the pastor before or during Rehearsal.

You will need to acquire a marriage license and fill it out completely. Please submit this form to the officiating pastor at your wedding rehearsal. The Pastor will ensure all pertinent information is on the marriage license and will submit the form to the Vital Statistics office the next business day after the ceremony takes place.

This is an exciting time for you. May you experience God’s abundant blessing as you prepare for a marriage that honours Him.

If you are interested in having one of our pastoral staff or ordained lay leaders perform your wedding ceremony please contact us by filling out the form above or calling the church office at 604-864-9162


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