The Abbotsford Vineyard has a special relationship and partnership with La Hermosa Church and the surrounding community of Primo Tapia, Mexico. We partner with La Hermosa in running Casa de Luz, a Children’s Centre for impoverished single parent families and children at risk. We send several teams to Mexico every year when we love on the children and serve alongside the staff at Casa de Luz, work on a construction project, often building a new home for a family in need or doing renovations on homes in disrepair, deliver food and gift hampers throughout the local villages, participate in a meal program, and host community events.

There are many opportunities to pray for people, spend time with kids at CDL, play games and soccer with children and teens in the village, and attend a church service.

Abbotsford Vineyard would love to see everyone who calls AVC their home, participate in a Mexico Missions Trip. There is a (family-friendly) Christmas trip every year, youth and young adult trips each summer and construction trips throughout the year.

At Christmas, there are many opportunities for children and teens to be involved. We believe that families will be blessed as you grow together and see your children reaching out in God’s love.

As we send teams, we have seen much value in the time spent together, learning from each other, working together, honouring one another, and growing together as we serve as a body. Time together as a team is a critical aspect of this trip, therefore we host team meetings prior to and during the trip to best equip and support each team member. We worship together, spend lots of time in prayer, and share our hearts with one another.

Upcoming Trips:

Construction Trips TBA

Trip Cost:

Youth and Young Adults: June 30-July 7th.
Please connect with Mike Fornwald for trip cost and other information.

Costs include meals, accommodation, transportation and ministry costs while IN Mexico. You are responsible for the cost of your flight and costs incurred while travelling to and from Mexico. Please contact Gary Stephens with any questions.


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