‘Our Journey with Jesus” is a survey designed to provide a picture of where we are in our spiritual journey as a Christian. It is an opportunity to find out what your strengths are, and will also give you an idea of where you can accept an invitation to grow in your relationship with Jesus (and with each other). It will give us insight into what the Holy Spirit wants to do in our own lives as we journey TOGETHER towards wholeness in Jesus.

The survey will be available until May 30 and we encourage everyone to participate. The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

The intention of the survey is not to render judgement and thereby stop conversation, it is designed to develop important questions about our spiritual growth and stimulate rich dialogue around what to do next. It will help our staff and leadership team initiate plans to nurture our future growth together. We hope to have numerous open-ended discussions, involving all our church family and would love to have your voice heard. Please stay tuned for future discussions and meetings focused on how we can effectively plan for stepping into our opportunities for growth toward Jesus. (All answers remain anonymous)

Take the survey HERE.

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