God’s Mercy & Grace

We were speeding up Canada Way in Burnaby late one rainy Saturday night. I was riding in my boyfriend’s MG sports car. He was driving fast, sweeping around the curves. It was 1976, I was almost 19, and I was looking forward to the party. But then the tires lost their grip and the car began to skid…

I did not know Jesus’ love as a child. My seven siblings and I grew up in a nominal Catholic family where we observed rituals like catechism and confirmation. Around 12, I got bored with church and stopped going. We were affluent but I was empty inside. While I was in high school, my parents separated. I loved to dance and got into night clubs and the party scene. We were on our way to a party that night in ’76.

After the impact I smelled gas trickling in the car and felt it on my face. Then I passed out. When I came to I realized I was upside down in the driver’s seat.I didn’t know it at the time, but the driver had been thrown from the car which was wrapped around a telephone pole. A blanket covered me and I heard a woman’s voice ask, “Do you believe in God?” I weakly answered, “Yes!” I remember she began praying over me in a peaceful language I did not understand.

I lost consciousness again, briefly waking up in a moving ambulance with an oxygen mask over my face. I woke up the next day in the Royal Columbian hospital. The guy I was with ended up in traction for 3 months with a punctured lung, a broken femur and broken ribs. I walked away from the hospital, miraculously with just gas burns on my face and legs and a badly bruised leg. I thought about the lady, or perhaps the angel, who comforted me that night, but never knew who she was or saw her again. God had a plan, though.

About six months later my mom invited my sister and I over for dinner and we both noticed a change. She seemed peaceful in spite of my father leaving her with eight children to support and raise on her own. I had no idea that she had given her heart to Jesus Christ. (She and some others would meet in her home to pray for family members. The power of a mother’s prayers!) After dinner she invited us to stay for a prayer meeting and we decided to check it out. About 25 born again Catholics attended, including some we knew from high school. I was drawn to their peace and the love in their eyes.

A few weeks later I again found myself at mom’s prayer meeting. Mary Goddard, who assisted at these meetings, asked if anyone wanted to know Jesus in a personnel way. I said yes and invited Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour and asked Him to forgiven my sins. I then asked the Holy Spirit to fill me and dramatically found myself speaking in tongues and filled with Holy laughter. Such peace and joy filled my heart and my being. I knew something powerful had happened to me. I would never be the same. It was like a veil had been removed and everything looked so bright. That summer, over 100 Catholics, including my sister and I, were saved in mom’s house!

Months later we attend a prayer meeting in Surrey. I remember maybe 40 people attending. I noticed a lady across the room looking at me during the meeting. We caught eyes and smiled. When the meeting ended she quickly came over and asked me if I was in a car accident the year before. I was stunned and said yes. She explained she was a nurse. The night of my accident, the Holy Spirit specifically impressed upon her to go home Canada Way and she obeyed. She was the “angel” who comforted and prayed over me that night. We both hugged with tears in our eyes as I explained to her I had just recently come to know God’s love, mercy and grace in my life. God answered my mom’s prayers for my salvation and He used that lady, truly an angel of mercy, to minister life to me that cold, rainy night.