Prayer, Help, and the Prophetic in Action

We've created new ways for our AV community to connect in these challenging times. The following email addresses will go to coordinators and teams covering prayer ministry, practical support, and prophetic connections.

[email protected] - "I am making myself available for any general requests that fall outside the realm of prayer or prophetic. This may be practical, financial, visitation, logistic... whatever it may be, I am willing to help in whatever way I can." - Scott McKenzie
If you need help or can provide help to others, email Scott McKenzie at the [email protected] address.

[email protected] - Lia Bergen will coordinate a team to provide prayer for requests that come to [email protected] If you need prayer or want to pray for others, contact Lia at the prayer address.

[email protected] - AVC Prophetic Community; When someone chooses to submit a prophetic word or dream to the [email protected] email, they are free to make one or more of the following requests.
1) Ask us to consider this word as we pastorally pray and lead the church.
2) Ask us to provide some general feedback as to the validity of the word or experience – is it from Holy Spirit – what should I do?
3) Ask us to provide some feedback regarding the interpretation of the word or experience.
4) Ask us to provide some objective feedback or affirmation before sharing the word with the AVC family ie: Facebook Group.

All words or experiences submitted will be considered and prayed over in accordance with the submitter’s request. If the word rings true to what Holy Spirit is communicating within our community, they will in turn become a part of the collective voice of what God is saying to our community. It will help build a record of our prophetic journey with God.

Terry Friesen will receive emails to [email protected] and share them with the Prophetic Team.
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