Storys Across Canada

On Sunday (Sept 26) we sent our own Tom Paul off with prayer and love on his journey to collect Stories Across Canada. He'll be on the road from Oct 1-18, and we look forward to having Tom back with us on Oct 24. In the meantime, please pray for his safety, provision, and Divine appointments. 

Here's Tom's statement...

My name is Tom, and I am the visionary behind Stories across Canada. Sharing our story goes back to the beginning of time, stories were passed from generation to generation helping us learn and understand each other.
I will be interviewing people from different walks of life, hearing their journey as they navigate through these last few years.  
I will be driving across Canada starting Oct 1st, talking to aboriginal artists, nurses, professors, recovering addicts, farmers, business owners etc. listening to them as they share from the heart the challenges and successes in their life.

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Thank you, Tom Paul

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