Help Abbotsford!

Hello Friends, Mike here!

Late last night (Nov 24) at the office, I shot a video that:
1. Offers 2 ways to think about the flood 
2. Gives you 4 things to do in response to the flood
3. Reminds you that we return to the Barn tonight, Nov 25, at 7:30, for Spike Nard: A Time to Bring Our Offerings to Jesus

1. As a house group - I'm encouraging you to volunteer with Samaritan's Purse as a house group!  This is a great bonding time, and will make a difference in your relationships as you continue to meet throughout the year.  If you want to do this, contact your house group leader. I've contacted most (but, as of this writing not yet all) of the house group leaders, so they should be expecting you to reach out to them. Note that it looks like Samaritan's purse is not presently answering their phone, so your house group leader won't yet be able to book with them yet (you can't book groups online). We expect them to be more responsive once they arrive in Abbotsford this weekend.

2. Connect with other AVCers - Let us connect interested AVCers up: If you don't yet have a house group, maybe this is your chance to connect with some like-minded AVCers and work together.  Email [email protected] if you would like us to organize a group of non-house group volunteers.

3. By yourself - Volunteer to help clean up houses by yourself, but with Samaritan's purse here


Donate to Flood Victims through Samaritan's Purse here: Samaritan's Purse Donations

Volunteer to help Flood Victims with Samaritan's Purse here: BC Flood Volunteers

Donate to Archway Food Bank here: Food Bank Donations
** Note: Don't donate food right now:  They are presently are overwhelmed with food donations right now, and the supplies they have are uneven: For example, they now have more bottled water and toilet paper than they expect to be able to utilize. Instead of sending food, send money, so they can meet the variety of needs as they arise.

Donate to the Salvation Army Flood Relief Efforts here: Salvation Army Flood Relief


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