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Casa de Luz is a Christian, non-profit community outreach and support program for families in Primo Tapia, Mexico. Once a family is accepted into our program, we consider them just that: family. Our work includes a children’s centre, focused on single and impoverished families in Primo Tapia, a thriving microloan program for education and business development, an ongoing partnership for home ownership within our community, and a deep local commitment to the spiritual growth, empowerment, and development of our community.

We love our Casa de Luz families and we are committed to seeing them move forward in their lives in every area: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual. We want to see each family thrive, and we want to see our community become a “house of light” in all of Mexico. To that end our work includes:

Our primary work focuses on our day-time children’s home. We provide free child care for the children of impoverished families. Single Moms can drop their kids off with us while they work or go to school. In addition to the safe, loving, and warm environment, staff members also provide meals, hygiene, emotional and spiritual support, help with school work, and just plain fun through art and games. Our children’s center is a big relief to single parents in our area: not only are their children safe, loved, and well-fed but it frees their parents to pursue economic and educational opportunities which will lift their entire family out of poverty.

Our goal here is not just a safe place for the children of our community, but a vision for their whole family to rise up out of poverty. So we started a micro-loan education program. Mothers with demonstrated experience, commitment, and motivation are given the funds to pursue further education or training in a trade. After the course is completed and they are employed, they pay back the money, which is then used to fund another education micro-loan. It’s a form of co-operative scholarships for the community.
Many of our Moms have a dream to start a business. So we work with our entrepreneurs to develop the strategic plan, and then we provide the funding for the start of the business. When the business is viable, the entrepreneur pays back the loan, which is then used to fund another micro-loan for another up-and-coming local entrepreneur. This model has proven highly successful in long-term community development, particularly for impoverished women. Check out our success stories for a story about one family in particular!

This grassroots program provides parents with a doorway out of poverty through affordable home ownership. It’s a dream come true for these families! Single parents can purchase a safe and sturdy home at a highly discounted rate, financed over a 5-year period through Casa de Luz. We also provide life skills training and mentoring, including budgeting, managing and caring for a home, and personal finances for a minimum of five years to ensure success.

Education is the key to a better life for our families here at Casa de Luz. It will be the main difference maker, not only for the students we help, but also for their parents. All of the parents involved at Casa de Luz who have not completed high school are enrolled with our Preparatoria Abierta. Every Monday evening, they gather together to study and complete educational modules at their own pace and complete monthly exams, working towards graduation. Eventually, we would like to add middle school equivalency and elementary school equivalency to include all stages of education represented by our families.

We provide as-needed emergency food relief for families in immediate crisis.
Poverty can be an isolating and frightening experience. So a big part of what we do here is create families out of individuals, and build a broader sense of community.

We believe that God has called the orphans into families, so we create opportunities to form friendships and relationships within our neighbourhod. We work hard together, raise children together, work together, and support each other. We play together and many of our families attend church together. It’s one of our great joys to see community develop and thrive here in Primo Tapia. This connection to our neighbourhood has a direct impact on the safety and health of our neighbourhood.

We believe Primo Tapia is becoming a better place to live every day.

We are committed to caring for our neighbourhood’s children so they will not become orphans.
For more information on Casa De Luz or our missionaries, Toni and Erin Santos, directors of Casa de Luz or the children and families attending the Children’s center please visit the Casa de Luz website.