Coronavirus Update

There has been much prayer and discussion around whether to meet or  not to meet. Clearly the corona virus is a significant distraction. The  reality is that this is a pandemic and that it has generated a  tremendous amount of fear. We do not believe that fear is a wise or correct response. We do believe that we need to lead  well, being both responsible and seen as responsible to our community  and the community at large. We would encourage you to read the link  below regarding the significance of social distancing and how it can significantly reduce the stress on our healthcare system.  We realize that only a very small percentage of people are at risk of  serious health problems with this virus and we also know that many will  use emergency wards and the healthcare system if they think they have contracted the virus. Not knowing how to discern  virus symptoms from a common cold or allergies then puts a strain on  hospital capacities. That is precisely when we create a health risk for  those who actually need emergency treatment for any other emergency. So after much discussion and feedback from you this is the decision regarding the next two weeks.

  1. There will be no Sunday service at MEI on March 15 and March 22.
  2. The journey workshops scheduled for this evening and next Saturday evening are postponed indefinitely.
  3. It is our conviction that we will know much more in the next 14  days to make wise and discerning decisions going forward. Stay tuned. We  still journey through this together.
The leadership team.

In this season of social distancing, as a church community we need to be creative to maintain connection and support. Rather than meeting at MEI on Sunday, we’re going to use the Abby Vineyard Family Facebook group as our large gathering place. We will “gather” here for prayer ministry, to share praise reports, and to share words and scriptures of encouragement. "Like" the Abby Vineyard Family Facebook and keep up with the rest of our church community!