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The Station is Abbotsford Vineyard’s distinct brand of Sunday School; more than just a name, it’s an environment in nurturing spiritual growth and maturity. The Station can be considered a “pit-stop” or a “layover” before taking off to your next destination. At “The Station”, we want to help kids discover how they can experience God’s love and how they can take that love and share it with everyone they meet throughout the week. At Abbotsford Vineyard, we have a heart and a passion for seeing kids come to know God in a personal way. Our heart for our children’s ministry is rooted in Jesus’ spoken words in Matthew 18:3, “Truly, I say to you, unless you become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Children are incredibly precious to us at Abbotsford Vineyard. We believe in educating children to know and love God while cultivating a genuine appreciation and love for others. We recognise the responsibility God gives to parents to raise children to love and serve Him wholeheartedly. Our heart is to come alongside and support parents and families as they aim to make Jesus the centre of their children’s lives, develop an understanding of loving Him and others and grow deeper in their daily walk with Jesus.


We strive to present Jesus in a way which helps children understand the incredible power and personal love that God has and exhibits to EVERYONE; especially children! We hope to create powerful, impactful moments through worship tailored for children, interactive games, hands-on learning, theatrical presentations, and the discovery of scripture in a tangible and expressive way that will resonate with children, hopefully throughout their entire week. We want to model what it means to live for God on a regular basis and prepare them for a life-long relationship with Jesus through studying the Bible and praying to God regularly.


Children all have a unique way of expressing themselves, including how they worship. At Abbotsford Vineyard, we encourage children to engage in worship with the larger congregation as well as in their own child- based environment. Actively worshipping the Father is a monumental growth experience for their faith. Children’s understanding of what worship is will hopefully create a solid foundation for their relationship with God to develop and mature more naturally as they walk alongside Jesus with their parents & families.


Grand Central Sunday is a new exciting open session format of Sunday school for children in Kindergarten to Grade 5. Rather than meeting in classrooms on that Sunday morning, children will meet at Grand Central once a month for a dynamic, engaging experience filled with kids worship songs, exciting games, prayer, offering, skits, object lessons and learning more about the bible. Find out more about Grand Central Sundays below.


We encourage parents and those who have a passion for children’s ministry to be involved on Sunday mornings. We invite you & your family to join our team as we work together to share God’s love and help shape the hearts of the children in our church. For more information on being involved in children’s ministry contact our Children & Family Director Greg Marrast.