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Jesus loves kids and children have a special part to play in God’s kingdom. AT AVC, We want to provide our children with a safe and fun place to get to know Jesus, and recognize who they are as sons and daughters of God. We also want them to learn how to live well together, love others, and be influenced by teachers and other adults who care about them.

Equipping Parents: We are not looking to replace parents, but instead, support parents in raising their children. Our goal is to encourage, provide resources and help the family in any way that we can to promote a healthy family environment and foster deep spiritual growth.

How we roll: We love to see kids start believing that they can have a real and personal relationship with God. It changes everything about their lives. We were made for relationship with Him – every single one of us – and we believe that kids can connect with God NOW. He loves them so much, and He has made Himself entirely available to them. All of our teaching comes from this place. “God loves me, He wants to know me, and I can know Him.” The entirety of our Children’s Program is focused on communicating and encouraging these truths. Components such as scripture memorization, Bible lessons, creative arts, and worship times are grounded in this belief. We also believe that kids can hear God. They are an essential part of His family, and His children know His voice. We practice listening to God and praying together in small groups within the safe environment of a classroom.

Grand Central Sunday is an exciting open session format of Sunday school for children in Kindergarten to Grade 5. Children meet at Grand Central twice a month for a dynamic, engaging experience filled with kids worship songs, exciting games, prayer, offering, skits, object lessons and learning more about the bible.


 We know how critical caring adults, teens and young adults are in the lives of children. You always remember the person who took the time to talk with you, encourage you, support you, laugh with you, and pray and/or play with you as a child.  We play a vital role in the lives of children, our friend’s children, our neighbour’s children, our nieces, our nephews, our grandkids. The old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child,” is true. Let’s come alongside, and encourage, direct, teach, pray for, and love the kids of our village together.

Getting Involved:  There are many ways to get involved.  You can teach or assist a class, be a substitute teacher, act in dramas and skits, lead dance, lead worship, tell stories, clean toys, or volunteer with our Kids Corner. Email for more info. We invite you to join our team as we work together to share God’s love and help shape the hearts of the children in our church. For more information on being involved in children’s ministry.

Please note: Anyone working with children at the AVC is required to complete a Police background check, and go through a screening process.