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We love kids at Abbotsford Vineyard. We believe that Jesus loves kids and that children have a special part to play in God’s kingdom. We want to provide our children with a safe and fun place to get to know Jesus and learn who they are as sons and daughters of God. We also want them to live well together, learn to love others and be influenced by teachers and mentors who care about them.

We believe that parents are the spiritual leaders of their families and of their children’s lives and so we seek to equip and support parents in the spiritual upbringing of their kids.

We believe that kids are a vital part of the church body and as such, they have a place just as much as everyone. Children at AVC are part of the worship through music at the beginning of our church service. We think it’s important that all generations worship together. We always have a table at the back of the church with activities for the kids to do during worship. These activities are designed to engage their hearts during worship times before Kid’s Rock begins. Come check it out on Sunday!


We believe that we were all made in the Creator’s image and therefore we all have the ability to create. There’s something that comes alive in a child when they are given the opportunity and encouragement to create something. Just think about it: when a child is given a blank page and a crayon, their imagination runs wild! It is our belief that when their gifts and identity in Jesus are called up and cultivated, it gives children a biblical foundation for worship and the arts.


It takes a lot of volunteers to run a successful Children’s Program. Join us in sharing the love of Jesus with amazing kids. Fill in the volunteer form below. For more information contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator Greg Marrast.