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The Oxford-English Dictionary defines neighbourhood in three ways. The first (“a district or community within a town or city”) speaks to geography. The second (“the area surrounding a particular place, person, or object”) speaks to proximity. And the third, (a “neighbourly feeling or conduct” speaks to behaviour. The Neighbourhood Young Adults community at AVC aspires to be a Kingdom-focused and Christ-centered community that reflects all three of those definitions.
We are men and women ages 18 – 28ish who desire to see God’s kingdom come in our homes, our universities, our workplaces, and across our city. We believe that community provides the friendship, insight, encouragement, and wisdom needed to face the joys and challenges of walking through life (and the transitions, celebrations, and challenges of young adulthood). We aspire to be a community that is welcoming, hospitable, and continually characterized by a love for the Lord and the generosity and humility that flows out of his love.

Our hope for our Young Adults is that everyone in “The Neighbourhood” feels like they have a place to belong, be encouraged, be challenged, and has opportunities to use their God-given gifts. If you are 18-28ish and looking for a place to build community and pursue Jesus together, please come join us!


We have a number of ways Young Adults can get connected at the Vineyard. Everything from Sunday after church lunches to Tuesday evening Testimony, Worship and Prayer Evenings and weekend activities.

All our events can be found on our Facebook group called Vineyard Young Adults. This is where you will get all the details about our young adult gatherings as well as other events and happenings. This is the place to find out what people are doing on the weekend, get invited out on a hike, hang out in a coffee shop or watch a movie together.

There are many opportunities for Young Adults to get plugged into AVC – including missions, community gatherings, worship nights, and our annual winter retreat.
You can find out more from info about Young Adults at the Vineyard below.


You are invited for lunch. Once or twice a month we hold/host a lunch called Soup and the Spirit. These gathering times happen at MEI or in homes. This is a great way to connect with others your age over a steaming bowl of soup and fresh buns. This great crowd feels like friends as we eat together to get to know one another and then meet as a larger group to discuss the service, pray together and study a variety of topics.

We have an annual Young Adult winter retreat! This weekend away offers great opportunities to meet new people, have fun, hang out, enjoy nature, worship and pray together and receive some practical and encouraging teaching. Over the last 6 years we have seen our young adult community grow, encounter Jesus and have a great time together on this retreat. Our Winter Retreat for 2019 dates are TBA.

Please pick up a Winter Retreat Brochure, look online or ask Mike for all the winter retreat details.

We are excited about our annual trips to Mexico each summer Our Young Adult teams travel to Primo Tapia, Mexico where we serve at Casa de Luz (AVC’s Children’s Centre), host outreach events, play soccer and games with the local children and teens, deliver food and gift hampers and serve with the local church. The trip for summer 2019 dates are TBA.