The Vineyard movement gained prominence in the 1970’s and 1980’s in part through the expression of authentic, intimate and expressive worship, which was facilitated by passionate and gifted musicians, songwriters and worship leaders.

We carry that DNA at the AVC.  Fixing our eyes on Jesus, individually and corporately, in the midst of both the joys and heartbreaks of life, realigns our hearts to His goodness and worthiness.  Worship and prayer are some of the most powerful spaces where the Lord renews and equips us for what He has called us to. To us, worship is a lifestyle that moves beyond our corporate gatherings and overflows into the way we live our everyday lives.

Getting Involved

We are continually on the lookout for people who are gifted and passionate about leading worship.  As a music community, we desire to reach to places of excellence in our craft and be continually on a journey of honing our skills. If you think this describes you, then continue reading for information about the opportunities to serve at AVC. Yes, Sunday morning worship teams may be one of the largest avenues to get involved, but it’s not just limited to Sundays! There are…

Worship & Prayer Gatherings

Our extended prayer and worship gatherings take place several times a year.  We strongly encourage those who wish to get involved with worship to come out to these smaller gatherings, devoted to seeking and loving God through worship and prayer.

Creative Arts

In recent history, music has been the main medium that the church has expressed itself in worship but throughout history, God has delighted in the variety of other artful expressions with which we honour him such as sculpture, painting, drama, dance, photography, creative writing, and more.

Small Group Worship

Our youth groups and Community Groups need worship leaders to facilitate worship at their gatherings. If you love facilitate worship in a more intimate setting where there is greater space and freedom for prayer and ministry, this is for you!  

Decor & Design Team

This "Creative Team" is made up of dreamers and facilitators who will plan and implement creative Sundays. An eye for design and a desire to see unique expressions of worship are a perfect combination for a Creative Team member. If this is you, sign up below!

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