24-7 Prayer

Come to the throne room.

Essential Links

Schedule & Sign-up

This is the guts of it all
Click on the icon above if you want to sign up or check your schedule. The first time you do it, you'll have to create an account.

Microsoft Teams

For connecting online
If you, the person before you, or the person after you is at home, use this link for the handoff.

The handoff is a chance to pray for the people before and after you, and  occurs 15 minutes before your shift and in the last 15 minutes of your shift.

Laptop users: Click the icon above to sign onto the Microsoft Teams platform. If you use your browser, you don't need an account.

Phone users: If you're doing this for the first time,  this works best if you
  1. Click the icon above
  2. Click the "Get Teams" button 
  3. Open the Microsoft Teams app
  4. Choose "Allow Paste"
  5. Type in your name
  6. Choose "Join Now"

Google Docs

For sharing words
We believe God speaks like a rain.  No one person gets all of what He's saying, but when we put things together, we see a much bigger picture. Click the icon above to share what you're sensing during your time

Report Problems

For when something isn't right
Click here to let us know if something's not working, or even if you just have an idea for how we could do things differently. Give us 24 hours to respond.